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   Eleanor Redchester

Eleanor (Ellen) was born in 1764 and married William Fraser in 1783 in Aldborough, Yorkshire, England.  Both Ellen and William were convicted in 1787 at Manchester of stealing cloth.  Eleanor arrived on the Prince of Wales.
Children of Ellen and William Fraser:
    John 1789 - married Elizabeth Eggleton, daughter of William Eggleton (Convict - Alexander) and Mary Dickenson (Convict - Lady Penrhyn).

    Daniel 1791 - 1806.

From 1791, after her husband's death, Ellen cohabited with William Morgan who arrived as a Private on the Neptune. 

Children of Ellen and William Morgan:
    Ann b1797 - married William Wilson.

Both William and Eleanor were landholders, separately. Eleanor and William separated for a short time in 1798.  The relationship ended in 1806, after which time Eleanor began a relationship with Thomas Humphries.