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                 Daniel Stanfield

Daniel was born 1766 Peterborough, Northampton and died 1826 Hobart, Tasmania.  He was a Private in the Royal Marines and arrived in NSW on the Charlotte. He married Alice Mansfield, who also arrived on the Charlotte. Ann married Thomas Harmsworth in England. Thomas died in Sydney in 1788.

Children of Daniel and Alice:

Daniel 1790 Sydney - married Maria Kimberley in Tasmania.

Children of Daniel and Maria:
    Ann 1808 Hobart
    Mary Ann 1811 married Joseph Chipman
    Hannah married Henry Dawson
    Daniel married Elizabeth Morrisby -

Robert born 1860

Thomas 1791 Sydney - married Rosetta Murray

Children of Thomas and Rosetta:
    John 1829 married Rosa Harper - child Mary
             born 1869
    Thomas William 1831 married Martha Devine -
        Rosetta born 1863
        Margaret 1832
        John Gilles 1836 married Elizabeth Newby
        Edward Joseph 1839

James 1793 Norfolk Island

William 1795 Port Jackson - married (1) Grace Smith (2) Elizabeth Nichols

Children of William and Grace:
    Thomas William 1830 married Sophia
         Elizabeth Allwright
    Amelia 1832 married Henry Mansfield
    Matilda 1832 married Richard Allwright
    Elizabeth 1834 married Jesse White
    Frederick 1836 married Lydia Burgess

Children of William and Elizabeth:

    Elizabeth married Robert Henry
   Arthur 1847
   Edith 1851 married Frank Nichols 
   Edmund 1856

Sarah 1796 Norfolk Island married William Kimberley

Mary Ann 1799 Norfolk Island married David Reynolds