Australian English Genealogy

Descendants of Samuel Gilbert


1. Samuel Gilbert

Convicted at the Old Bailey in June 1815 of possession of forged bank notes. Arrived on the Mariner.
Occupation: Master baker

Built sandstone house on corner of George and Smith Streets, Parramatta.

Governor Darling granted Samuel 140 acres of land at Castle Hill. The Samuel Gilbert Public School, situated on Ridgecrop Drive and Gilbert Road, Castle Hill, stands next to Samuel's land grant.

Mary Amanet

Arrived as a free settler in Feb 1817 on 'Lord Melville'..


At Sydney, on the 21st instant, whither she had gone for medical assistance, Mrs. Gilbert, wife of Mr Samuel Gilbert of Parramatta, after twelve months' illness, which she bore with exemplary patience and resignation, aged 39 years. Two of deceased's children died before her, and nine survive. She came free to the Colony, and it but seldom falls to the lot of any person to be so generally respected as was the deceased. Her relations in England are very respectable.

Source: The Sydney Gazette and NSW Advertiser 1 Mar 1827

11. Martha Gilbert

In 1828, after her mother's death, Martha was living in the Male Orphanage in Parramatta.