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Robert Jillett and Elizabeth Bradshaw (nee Creamer)

1. Robert1 Jillett was born at Kingston-Upon-Thames in 1760.  The son of Morgan Jellett and Bessilliana Moyra.  He married Elizabeth Bradshaw in 1812 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Robert was convicted at Surrey in 1785 of theft. He had a previous record for burglary. He escaped from the hulk Fortunee and was recaptured. He arrived on the Hillsborough.


Notes for Elizabeth Bradshaw

      Elizabeth was born in Bedford, England, the daughter of William Creamer and Elizabeth Althrope. She arrived as wife of convict, Thomas Bradshaw,  who died either on the voyage or at Port Jackson. They arrived on the Hillsborough.


      Children of Robert Jillett and Elizabeth Bradshaw were as follows:

+    1          i           Susannah Bradshaw (Jillett) born
                              1805. She married (1) Charles Dowdell
                              in 1822       (2) William Garth in 1837.

+    2          ii           Rebecca Elizabeth
2 Bradshaw, born 1807 in
                              Norfolk Island.  She married William

+    3          iii          Thomas2 Jillett, born 1817 in  Hobart;
                              Tasmania, died 1891 in  74 Kensington
                              House, Davey St., Hobart  He married
                              Mary Ann Shone.

+    4          iv          John2 Jillett, born 1819 in Hobart;
                              died 1868 at 11 Liverpool St, Hobart
                              (home of sister Rebecca).  He married
                              Phoebe Triffit.

      5          v          Charlotte2 Jillett, born 1825 in New
                              Norfolk, Tas.

      6          vi         Eliza (twin)2 Bradshaw, born 1810;
                             died 1810.

      7          vii         James2 Bradshaw, born 1802 in  Port
                              Jackson; NSW; died 1858 in New
                              Norfolk.  In Hobart, in  1827 He
                              married Jemima Lydia Gunn, born
                              1806; died 1864 in  New Norfolk.

Generation 2 

1. Susannah Bradshaw (Jillett) married Charles Dowdell (Convict – Sugar Cane) and Rose Leonard.

    Children of Susannah Bradshaw and Charles Dowdell:
         Rebecca 1823 – 1888 – married William Belbin. Child: Rosetta        
                 Victoria Belbin b1847.
                 Rosetta b1825 married Thomas Patterson in
                     Children of Rosetta and Thomas:
                     Henry Patterson b1848 d1848
                     Susannah Rebecca Patterson b1849
                     Alice Elizabeth Patterson b1851
                     Charles Thomas Patterson b1853
                     Emily Rosetta Patterson b1855
                     Percy Belbin Patterson b1860
                     Isabel Charlotte Louisa Patterson b1863     

2. Rebecca Elizabeth Jillett2 Bradshaw (Robert1), born 1807 in Norfolk Island.  She married William Young, born 1802 in Parramatta, NSW, Australia, son of Samuel Young (Convict – Royal Admiral) and Ann Eades (soldier’s daughter).in 1825 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.  

      Children of Rebecca Elizabeth Jillett Bradshaw and William Young:
      8          i     Elizabeth Rebecca3 Young, born 1828. 
She married in 1849 in Hobart Thomas
 Mezger(Mezzer), born 1826; died 1856,
                            son of John Mezger(Mezzer) and Agnes


3. Thomas2 Jillett (Robert1), born 1817 in Hobart; died 1891 at 74 Kensington House, Davey St.  Hobart. He married in 1844 Mary Ann Shone, born 1821 in New Norfolk; Tasmania, died 1915 in New Town, Tasmania, daughter of Thomas Shone (Convict - Guildford) and Susannah Westlake.  

      Children of Thomas Jillett and Mary Ann Shone were as follows:

+    9          i           Alfred Charles3 Jillett, born 1845 in
                             Oatlands, Tasmania.  He married (1)
                             Catherine Isabella Phillips; (
                             2) M  Selina.

      10        ii           Amelia Mary3 Jillett, born 1854; died

      11        iii          Amy3 Jillett, born 1864 in Oatlands;
                              died 1954 in Australia Vic.  She
                              married Henry Wilson Williams in
                              1889 in Victoria, Australia.

      12        iv         Arthur James3 Jillett, born 1858; died
                             1929.  He married Phoebe Emily Mary
, born 1871 in Richmond,
                             Tasmania, in 1892 Hobart

      13        v          Edward Frank3 Jillett, born 1862 in
                             Australia Tas Oatlands; died 1947 in
                             Australia Qld Brisbane.  He married
                             Flora Kathleen Cameron Christison,
                             born 1885; died 1971 in Brisbane,
                             Qld, Australia. in 1905 in
                             Hughendon, Qld.

      14        vi         Fanny Ellen3 Jillett, born 1860 in
                             Oatlands; died 1948 in Melbourne,
                             Victoria, Australia. In 1887 she married 
Richard Osborne Roberts, born 1862
                             in Dorchester, England ; died 1902 in
                             Melbourne, Vic, Australia; buried in 
                             Boroondara, Kew, Victoria, son of
                             Richard Roberts and Matilda Cela

      15        vii         Francis Powell3 Jillett, born 1852 in
                             Hamilton; Tasmania, died 1859 in

      16        viii        George3 Jillett, born 1847 in Oatlands;
                             died 1935 in Sydney, NSW.  He married
                             (1)Ruby Millar; in 1909 in  Melbourne
                             (2)Laura Lavinia Shone in 1881 in 
                             New Norfolk, Tas. Laura was born
                             1860; died 1902 in Launceston, Tas.,
                             daughter of Thomas Allen Shone and
                             Eliza Cockerill.

      17        ix         Henric Thomas3 Jillett, born 1848 in

      18        x          Louisa Susannah3 Jillett, born 1856;
                             died 1859.

      19        xi         Tasman3 Jillett, born 1867 in
                             Collingwood, Victoria.

      20        xii         Thomas Shone3 Jillett, born 1850 in
                             Oatlands; died 1897 Charters Towers,


4. John2 Jillett (Robert1), born 1819 in Hobart; died 1868 at t 11 Liverpool St, Hobart (home of sister Rebecca).  In 1840 , at Hobart, he married Phoebe Triffit, born 1822 in New Norfolk; Tasmania, died 1868 in Oatlands, daughter of James Triffit and Elizabeth Barnes. Granddaughter of James Triffit (Convict - Matilda) and Mary Higgins (Harold) (Convict - Lady Juliana)


      Children of John Jillett and Phoebe Triffit were as follows:

+    21        i           John3 Jillett, born 1843 in Hobart;
                             died 1907 in Oatlands.  He married
                             Ellen Whiteway.

      22        ii           Elizabeth3 Jillett, born 1846 in
                              Hobart; died 1917.  She married in
                             1868 in Oatlands George Campbell
 Meredith, born 1840 in Sydney.

      23        iii          Ellen Eliza Rebecca3 Jillett, born
                             1862 in Oatlands; died 1948 in       
                             Huonville, Tasmania.  She married in
                             1881 William Robert Tanner, born
                             1851 in Campbelltown; Tasmania, died
                             1915 in Ranelagh, Tasmania.

      24        iv         Emma Louisa3 Jillett, born 1850; died


Generation 3 

9. Alfred Charles3 Jillett (Thomas2, Robert1), born 1845 in Oatlands.  He married (1) in 1878 in Hobart Catherine Isabella Phillips, died 1919 in Qld; (2) M Selina.


      Children of Alfred Charles Jillett and Catherine Isabella Phillips were as follows:

      25        i      Katie Isabella4 Jillett, born 1888 in Qld. 
She married C Bowen.

      26        ii     Eileen Mary4 Jillett, born 1885 in Qld.

      27        iii    Frank Alfred4 Jillett, born 1879 in Battery
                        Point, Hobart; died 1946.

      28        iv    Reginald George4 Jillett, born 1890 in
                        Qld; died 1982 in Victoria.


21. John3 Jillett (John2, Robert1), born 1843 in Hobart; died 1907 in Oatlands.  He married Ellen Whiteway, born 1848 in Bothwell; died 1909, daughter of Robert Whiteway (Convict - Prince of Orange) and Ellen Wigmore1829, daughter of Rev. Thomas Wigmore.  in 1866 in Bothwell


      Children of John Jillett and Ellen Whiteway were as follows:

+    29        i           Charles Lewis4 Jillett, born 1889 in Oatlands; died 1945.  He married Rita Sealey.


Generation 4


29. Charles Lewis4 Jillett (John3, John2, Robert1), born 1889 in Oatlands; died 1945.  In 1913 at New Town, Tasmania, he married in Rita Sealey, born 1896 in Bothwell; Tasmania, died 1983 in Hobart.


      Children of Charles Lewis Jillett and Rita Sealey were as follows:

            30        i           Maxwell John5 Jillett, born 1915 in New Town; died 1999 in Hobart.  He married Betty Ellis, born 1918 in Ulverstone; Tasmania, died 1990 in Hobart.