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Descendants of

Robert Jillett

and Elizabeth Bradshaw (nee Creamer)

1. Robert1 Jillett was in 1760.   He married Elizabeth Bradshaw in 1812 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Robert was convicted at Surrey in 1785 of theft. He had a previous record for burglary. He escaped from the hulk Fortunee and was recaptured. He arrived on the Hillsborough.


Notes for Elizabeth Bradshaw

      Elizabeth was born in England, . She arrived as wife of convict, Thomas Bradshaw,  who died either on the voyage or at Port Jackson. They arrived on the Hillsborough.


      Children of Robert Jillett and Elizabeth Bradshaw were as follows:

+    1          i           William Bradshaw was born in
                              1800 in Port Jackson.

+    2          ii           James Bradshaw was born in 
                              1802 in Port Jackson.


+    3          iii           Susannah Bradshaw Jillett was
                               born in 1805 on Norfolk Island

+    4          iv          Rebecca Bradshaw Jillet was born in
                              1806 on Norfolk Island

      5          v           Eliza Jillett, was born in 1808 on
                              Norfolk Island

      6          vi          Frederick Jillett was born in 1811 in

      7          vii         Charlotte Daisy Jillett was born in
                              1915 in Tasmania

        8         viii          Elizabeth Jillett was born in 1816 in

         9          ix          Thomas Jillett was born in 1817 in

       10         x           John Jillett was born in 1819 in