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Richard Ellem

First Generation

1. Richard Ellem was born in 1800 in Warrington Lanc England. He died in 1857 in Mangrove Creek . He was buried in St Thomas Cem Upper Mangrove Creek.

Richard was convicted of larceny at Cheshire, England and arrived on the Isabella.

Richard married Charlotte Huxley daughter of Thomas Huxley (Convict - Salamander) and Ann Forbes (Convict - Prince of Wales) in 1842. Charlotte was born in 1801 in Windsor . She died in 1885 in Grafton . She was buried in Grafton.


Richard and Charlotte had the following children:

+ 2 M i George Ellem
+ 3 F ii Mary Anne Ellem
+ 4 M iii Richard Ellem
+ 5 M iv John Ellem
+ 6 M v James Ellem
+ 7 M vi Frederick William Ellem
+ 8 M vii Thomas Ellem
+ 9 M viii Samuel Henry Ellem
+ 10 F ix Eliza Ellem

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