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Descendants of

John Yeomans

and Mary Cassidy

1. John
1 Yeomans, born 1761 in Kineton Warwick England; died 1837 in Maitland. He married in 1798 in Sydney Mary Cassidy, born 1773 in Dublin Ireland; died 1835 in Wilberforce.

Notes for John Yeomans

Convicted at Warwick in 1790. Arrived on Brittania.

Notes for Mary Cassidy

Convicted at Dublin. Arrived on the Kitty.

Children of John Yeomans and Mary Cassidy were as follows:

2 i Joseph2 Yeomans, born 1800 in Concord; died 1800 in Concord.

+ 3 ii George2 Yeomans, born 1801 in Concord; died 1853 in Maitland. He married (1) Elizabeth Singleton; (2) Mary Ann Jane (Fanny) Lisson.

4 iii Richard2 Yeomans, born 1804 in Hawkesbury; died 1833 in Maitland. He married in 1828 in Windsor Catherine Reynolds, born 1808 in Wilberforce; died 1869 in Paddington, daughter of Richard Beale Reynolds (Convict - Atlantic) and Mary Ann (Convict - Mary Ann).

5 iv Charlotte2 Yeomans, born 1806; died 1850.

Notes: Listed in NSW State Records - Colonial Secretary's Index listed as - "Idiot daughter of John Yeomans".

+ 6 v John2 Yeomans, born 1808 in Windsor; died 1875 in Darlinghurst. He married Sarah Lisson.

+ 7 vi Sarah2 Yeomans, born 1809 in Windsor. She married John Lisson.

8 vii Elizabeth2 Yeomans, born 1812; died 1894 in Bathurst.

Notes: YEOMANS -March 12 1894, suddenly, at her residence The Grange, West Maitland, Elizabeth Yeomans, in her 82nd year. She hath been a succourer of many. In Memoriam.
Source: SMH 15 Mar 1894

+ 9 viii Joseph2 Yeomans, born 1815; died 1852 in Darlinghurst.

Generation 2

3. George2 Yeomans (John1), born 1801 in Concord; died 1853 in Maitland. He married (1) in 1827 Elizabeth Singleton, born 1812 in Wilberforce; died 1894 in Maitland, daughter of Benjamin Singleton and Mary Lane Sharling; (2) Mary Ann Jane (Fanny) Lisson, born 1805; died 1839 in Wilberforce, daughter of Thomas Lisson (Convict - Royal Admiral) and Ann Bradwell (Convict - Experiment).

Notes for George Yeomans


October 13th, at West Maitland, of which town he had been a resident during the last twenty-five years, Mr. George Yeomans, aged 52 years, highly respected and sincerely regretted by all who knew him.

Source: SMH 15 Oct 1853

Notes for Mary Ann Jane (Fanny) Lisson

YEOMANS-The Relatives and Friends of Mr and Mrs M J PALMER and FAMILY are invited to attend the funeral of their beloved GRANDMOTHER and GREAT GRANDMOTHER, Mrs Mary Ann Yeomans which will leave her late residence 72 Botany Street Redfern THIS AFTERNOON at 1 0 clock for the Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood.

Source: SMH 11 Apr 1939

YEOMANS-In loving memory of our dear mother and grandmother, Mary Ann, passed away April 10, 1939. Loved by all.

Inserted by her loving daughter and son-in-law, Phoebe and George and family.

YEOMANS. In loving memory of our dear grandmother, Mary Ann, who departed this life April 10, 1939. Gone but not forgotten.

Inserted by her loving grandson and daughter, Frank and Myrtle.

Source: 10 April 1940

Children of George Yeomans and Mary Ann Jane (Fanny) Lisson were as follows:

+ 10 i Phoebe3 Yeomans. She married George Connor.


6. John2 Yeomans (John1), born 1808 in Windsor; died 1875 in  Darlinghurst. He married in 1835 in Portland Head Sarah Lisson, born 1813 in  Windsor; died 1873, daughter of Thomas Lisson(Convict - Royal Admiral) and Ann Bradwell(Convict - Experiment).

Notes for Sarah Lisson


On the 1st instant, at her residence, 414, Elizabeth-Street, Sydney, SARAH, the wife of JOHN YEOMANS, in the 59th year of her age.

Source: SMH 2 Jul 1873

Children of John Yeomans and Sarah Lisson were as follows:

+ 11 i Richard3 Yeomans, born 1836; died 1920 in Woollahra. He married Mary Mullins.

12 ii Mary3 Yeomans, born in 1837; died 1920 in Woollahra. She married in 1879 in Woollahra John Newnham Tooth, born 1840, son of John Tooth and Elizabeth (---).

+ 13 iii Allan3 Yeomans, born 1846; died 1916 in Woollahra. He married Margaret Campbell McCrackan.

14 iv Janet3 Yeomans, born 1847.

+ 15 v Julia3 Yeomans, born in 1848; died 1927 in Hornsby. She married Grantley Hyde Fitzhardinge.

+ 16 vi Maude3 Yeomans, born 1842; died 1929 in Chatswood. She married James Frederick Fitzhardinge.

17 vii John3 Yeomans, died 1894 in Woollahra.


7. Sarah2 Yeomans (John1), born 1809 in Windsor. She married in 1828 in Wilberforce John Lisson, born 1808, son of Thomas Lisson(C) and Ann Bradwell(C).

Children of Sarah Yeomans and John Lisson were as follows:

+ 18 i Louisa3 Lisson, born 1830. She married Alexander E H Cooper.

19 ii Napoleon William G3 Lisson, born 1832. He married in 1857 in Newcastle Mary Anne Bourke, born 1846, daughter of Thomas Bourke and Mary (---).


9. Joseph2 Yeomans (John1), born 1815; died 1852 in Darlinghurst.

Notes for Joseph Yeomans


On the 20th instant, at his residence, Brougham-street, Darlinghurst, Joseph Yeomans, Esq., Solicitor, Sydney, aged thirty-six years.

Source: SMH 21 Jun 1852

Children of Joseph Yeomans were as follows:

20 i Joseph William3 Yeomans. Notes: YEOMANS.-May 20, 1895, at Boorooma Station, Brewarrina, Joseph William Yeomans, youngest son of the late Joseph Yeomans, solicitor.

Source: SMH 21 May 1895

Generation 3

10. Phoebe3 Yeomans (George2, John1). She married in 1895 in Redfern George Connor.

Children of Phoebe Yeomans and George Connor were as follows:

21 i May W4 Connor, born 1898 in Redfern.

22 ii Ellen M4 Connor, born 1902 in Redfern.

23 iii George4 Connor, born 1908 in Redfern.


11. Richard3 Yeomans (John2, John1), born 1836; died 1920 in Woollahra. He married in 1879 in Hartley Mary Mullins.

Children of Richard Yeomans and Mary Mullins were as follows:

24 i Richard Allen4 Yeomans, born 1880 in Lithgow; died 1880 in Bathurst.

25 ii Ellen4 Yeomans, born 1881 in Bathurst.

13. Allan3 Yeomans (John2, John1), born 1846; died 1916 in Woollahra. He married in 1877 in Sydney Margaret Campbell McCrackan, born 1858 in Moreton Bay; died 1916 in Auburn, daughter of John McCrackan.

Notes for Margaret Campbell McCrackan

Probate has been granted of the will of the Mr Allan Yeomans grazier, of Gilgoin Brewarrina who died on May 15 last. The estate which was of the net value of pounds 17893 was left absolutely to the testator's widow, Margaret Campbell Yeomans.

Source: SMH 15 Aug 1916

Children of Allan Yeomans and Margaret Campbell McCrackan were as follows:

26 i Richard John4 Yeomans, born 1878 in Sydney; died 1956 in Sydney. He married in 1931 in Woollahra Mary Morehead Langwill, daughter of Archibald Langwill.

Notes: YEOMANS LANGWILL. July 14, 1931, at All Saints, Woollahra, by the Rev. Canon Langley, Richard John Yeomans, eldest son of the late Allan Yeomans, of Gilgoin, Brewarrina, and Mrs. Allan Yeomans, of Rocklands, Edgecliff-road, Woollahra, to Mary Morehead Langwill, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Langwill, of Mayfield, Newcastle. Source: SMH 12 Aug 1931

27 ii Maxwell Allan4 Yeomans, born 1880 in Sydney.

28 iii Francis Fulton4 Yeomans, born 1881 in Bourke; died 1953 in Bondi. He married in 1924 in Woollahra Ella Jean Foster, born 1888 in East Maitland; died 1972 in Sydney, daughter of William Henry Foster and Ella Gertrude Clift.

29 iv Unamed4 Yeomans, born 1883.

30 v Allan R4 Yeomans, born 1885 in Woollahra; died 1974. He married in 1912 in Woollahra Rosannah Thomas, died 1944 in Newtown, daughter of Alexander Thomas and Rosannah (---).

31 vi Geoffrey Hendric4 Yeomans, born 1891 in Woollahra. He married in 1942 in Liverpool Beryl Myrtle May.

32 vii John E S4 Yeomans, born 1894 in Woollahra; died 1918 in Sydney.


15. Julia3 Yeomans (John2, John1), born in 1848; died 1927 in Hornsby. She married in 1876 in Sydney Grantley Hyde Fitzhardinge, born 1845; died 1939 in Hornsby, son of William George A Fitzhardinge and Anne Amelia.

Notes for Grantley Hyde Fitzhardinge

April 19, at Christ Church, Sydney, by the Rev. Canon Vidal, Grantley Hyde Fitzhardinge, M.A., Barrister-at-Law, to Julia, youngest daughter of the late John Yeomans.

Source: SMH 22 Apr 1876


Children of Julia Yeomans and Grantley Hyde Fitzhardinge were as follows:

33 i Grantley Hyde4 Fitzhardinge, born 1876 in Sydney.

34 ii Una4 Fitzhardinge, born 1877 in Balmain; died 1885 in Balmain.

35 iii Julie Grantley4 Fitzhardinge, born 1884 in Balmain; died 1968 in St Leonards.

36 iv John F4 Fitzhardinge, born 1886 in Balmain.

37 v Richard4 Fitzhardinge, died 1964 in Sydney.


16. Maude3 Yeomans (John2, John1), born 1842; died 1929 in Chatswood. She married in 1866 in Sydney James Frederick Fitzhardinge, born 1841; died 1926 in Chatswood, son of William George A Fitzhardinge and Mary (---).

Notes for James Frederick Fitzhardinge

Vidal, JAMES FREDERICK FITZHARDINGE, of Sydney, attorney-at- law, to MAUDE, second daughter of JOHN YEOMANS.

Source: SMH 16 Jan 1866

Children of Maude Yeomans and James Frederick Fitzhardinge were as follows:

+ 38 i Mary4 Fitzhardinge, born 1866 in Paddington. She married Archibald Tyers Wood.

39 ii William4 Fitzhardinge, born 1868 in Paddington. He married in 1904 in St Leonards Margaret C Neilly.

40 iii Sarah G4 Fitzhardinge, born 1870 in Paddington.

41 iv Maude Yeomans4 Fitzhardinge, born 1872 in Paddington; died 1955 in Chatswood.

42 v Janet Yeomans4 Fitzhardinge, born 1874 in Paddington; died 1947 in Chatswood.

+ 43 vi James Frederick4 Fitzhardinge, born 1878 in Paddington; died 1951 in Ryde. He married Florence Marion Rutherford.

44 vii John Yeomans4 Fitzhardinge, born 1879 in Paddington; died 1880 in Waverley.

45 viii Richard Yeomans4 Fitzhardinge, born 1880 in Paddington; died 1881 in Waverley.

+ 46 ix Joan M Y4 Fitzhardinge, born 1884 in Paddington; died 1967 in St Leonards. She married D'arcy Falconer Roberts.


18. Louisa3 Lisson (Sarah2 Yeomans, John1), born 1830. She married in 1851 in Sydney Alexander E H Cooper, born 1829, son of Robert Cooper and Sarah May.

Children of Louisa Lisson and Alexander E H Cooper were as follows:

47 i Robert Alexander E4 Cooper, born 1852; died 1906 in Inverell. He married in 1876 in Glebe Alice Walton.

48 ii Alexander G4 Cooper, born 1854. He married in 1874 in Redfern Sophia Dunk.

49 iii Alice M4 Cooper, born 1857 in Bathurst; died 1857 in Bathurst.

50 iv Frederick C4 Cooper, born 1861 in Sofala; died 1905 in White Cliffs. He married in 1892 in Waterloo Alice M Morris.

51 v Henrietta M4 Cooper, born 1863 in Sofala; died 1922 in Chatswood. She married in 1888 in Bourke Thomas A Mitchell.

52 vi Frank4 Cooper, born 1865 in Sofala.

53 vii Horace E4 Cooper, born 1872 in Glebe.

54 viii Oliver John4 Cooper, died 1947 in Inverell.

Generation 4

38. Mary4 Fitzhardinge (Maude3 Yeomans, John2, John1), born 1866 in Paddington. She married in 1891 in St Leonards Archibald Tyers Wood.

Children of Mary Fitzhardinge and Archibald Tyers Wood were as follows:

55 i Emily Dymphna Tyers5 Wood, born 1892 in Woonona; died 1973 in St Leonards.

56 ii Kathleen Maud T5 Wood, born 1894 in Woonona; died 1969 in St Leonards. She married in 1926 in Woollahra Graham D Marshall.

57 iii Erica Marjorie T5 Wood, born 1897 in Dubbo; died 1978 in St Leonards.

58 iv Frederic Ottiwell T5 Wood, born 1905 in Dubbo; died 1966 in Kyogle. He married in 1934 in Sydney Jean Shelley Oakes, born 1901 in Parramatta; died 1976, daughter of Charles Shelley Oakes and Fanny May Weston.

59 v Margaret M5 Wood, born 1908 in Dubbo; died 1918 in Dubbo.

60 vi Archie J Tyers5 Wood, born 1909 in Dubbo.


43. James Frederick4 Fitzhardinge (Maude3 Yeomans, John2, John1), born 1878 in Paddington; died 1951 in Ryde. He married in 1907 in Bathurst Florence Marion Rutherford, born 1879 in Bathurst; died 1942 in Richmond, daughter of James Rutherford and Ada (---).

Children of James Frederick Fitzhardinge and Florence Marion Rutherford were as follows:

61 i Laurence f5 Fitzhardinge, born 1908 in Chatswood.

62 ii Richard5 Fitzhardinge, born 1909 in Chatswood.


46. Joan M Y4 Fitzhardinge (Maude3 Yeomans, John2, John1), born 1884 in Paddington; died 1967 in St Leonards. She married in 1908 in St Leonards D'arcy Falconer Roberts, died 1961 in Chatswood, son of Jeremiah Roberts and Louisa Kippax.

Children of Joan M Y Fitzhardinge and D'arcy Falconer Roberts were as follows:

63 i Charles D5 Roberts, born 1909 in St Leonards.

64 ii Grantley D'arcy5 Roberts, born 1910 in St Leonards; died 1979 in Sydney.