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Henry Kable


Henry Kable (Cable) was convicted of burglary at Thetford, Norfolk in 1783 for 450 shillings. He was sentenced to death, which was commuted to transportation for seven years. He was sentenced with his father who was hanged. Whilst gaoled in Norwich castle awaiting transportation, he met Susanna Holmes who bore his son, Henry,  in prison. They arrived in Sydney on the ship 'Friendship' 11 March 1787.  They were married in Sydney Cove on 10 February, 1788. Henry is buried at St Matthew's Church Windsor, NSW.
Henry Kable was born on 26 Aug 1763 in  Luxfield, Sussex, England. The son of Henry Kable and Mary Green. He died on 16 March 1846 At Windsor, NSW, Australia.

Susannah Holmes b1764 Surlingham, Norfolk, England. The daughter of Joshua and Eunice Brooks. She was  buried on 8 Nov 1825 at Windsor, NSW.  Susannah was also tried at Thetford - on 19 March 1784 for burglary (53 shillings). Originally sentenced to death but this was commuted to transportation for 14 years.

Children of Henry and Susannah:

Henry b17 Feb 1786 England Norfolk Norwich - d1852 Australia. Henry never married.
Diana b1788 Sydney    :  Enoch 1791 - 1793   :   James b1793
Susannah 1794 - 1885  :  Eunice b1799           :   William Nathaniel 1801 - 1837
John 1802 -1859 : Charles Dickenson 1804 - 1853  :   Edgar James b1806 - 1949
Eunice 1799-1867        :  James 1793-1809     :    Susannah 1796-1885
George Esto 1797-1853:  Amice b1799  

Diana Kable b1788 Married (1) John Teale (b1789 England-son of
          Thomas Teale and Ann Burton)  in 1819 at Windsor, NSW.
          (2) William Littleton Gaudry (b1781 - son of Joseph Steven
          Gaudry and Ann Littleton). They married in 1809.  William
           immigrated to Australia in 1807 on 'Young William'. 

           Children of Diana and William were:
              William Littleton Gaudry 1810-1841 married Edna Beasley. 
              Charles Gaudry b1812. Married Frances E ?
Edgar James b1806 married Charlotte Chaseling in 1836 at Pitt Town, NSW.
Eunice b1799 married William J Fitz in 1823 at Windsor.
Susannah b1796 married James Mileham in 1819 at Windsor.
George Esto b1797 married Susannah Jones in 1818 at Windsor.
    Susannah was the daughter of John and Mary Jones.  Children
    of George and Susannah were:

              George John b1816  
              Mary Matilda married (1) Joseph Aarons in 1842 at Kelso,
                       NSW   (2) Charles Javens in 1878 at Bathurst, NSW.
              William b1824   
              John 1830

              Susannah b1832 
              Elizabeth b1834 married James Thompson in 1854

              Eliza b1834
              Emma Adeliade b1835 - d1920. Married Thomas James Murphy.


William Nathaniel b1801 married Elizabeth Charlton in 1826 in Sydney. Elizabeth was the daughter of William Charlton (2nd fleet marine) and Mary Getty (convict)
          Children of  William and Elizabeth were:
             William H b1828 - married Ann Javens 1859 Carcoar,NSW
                      Children: William 1859 : George 1863 : Caroline b1865
John 1802 - 1859 - married Eliza Dyel (1805-1853) .

           Children:  Eliza Frances 1826 - 1899 married Richard

                                John Henry 1828-1916 married Rosina Elizabeth

                            Emmeline b1830 married William Roberts
                            Susannah b1831married Thomas Elijah Scott
                            Julia Isabelle b1833 married William Patrick Byrne
                            George Henry b1835 married Elizabeth Bradshaw
                                Children: Elvina M b1858  :  Rosamond b1860
                                                    Edith b1863 married Alexander Sweet
                                                    Percy Lloyd b1865 married Grace

                                                           Children: Ralph Lloyd married (1)
                                                           Ethel Mair
                                                          (2) Dorcas Muir (3) Kathleen Sewell

                                                           Clive Harold b1895 married
                                                                 (1)Doris Kerwin
                                                                 (2) Elizabeth Watson
                                                     Walter L b1867 married Mary O'Malley
                                                     Lilla I b1869  :  Effie Linda b1872
                                                     Ellie b1873

                                                     Ethel Myra b1874 married Charles H

                                                    Alma Fleurette b1876 married William
                                                         J Thomas

                                                Ivy Clarice b1879 married James J Newell
                            James William b1837
                            Charles William 1840 - 1927
                            William Edgar b1842 married Ellen
                                    Child:Malvina M b1877

                            Edgar Sydney b1845 married Elizabeth Javens
                               Children: Ada M b1883 married Claude Johnson
                                                   Ernest M b1884  :  Edgar W b1886
                                                   Lloyd b1889 married Evelyn Cottell
                                                   Evelyn J b1891 married Percy Eades
                                                   Edith M b1894 married Louis J Smith
                                                   Prosper G b1896   :   Cecil W b1899
                                                   Mary E b1904

                                                   Hilda M b1901 married
                                                                (1)Edward Hayden
                                                                (2) Claude Freestone

                                                  Percy H b1907 married Lilly M Willing

                            Caroline B b1847 married John McGregor
                            Josephine Blanche b1851
                            Prosper Joshua 1853 -1925 married Annie Dean
                                  Children: Herbert H b1880 married Violet
                                       Children: Herbert  b1904 married Ellen Price

                                                           William b1905 married Maud Smith
                                                            Cecil SF b1907  
                                                      Walter Wilfred b1881 married Ethel

                                                      Albert 1883-1884  :  Annie 1887-1887
                                                      Arthur b1884 married Mabel

                                                            Children: Albert married J Lawler
                                                                     Wilfred married E Evans
                                                      Lillian b1888 married Alfred Watts
                                                      Cyril b1891 married Willimina Edgar
                                                      Clarence b1892
                                                      Raymond b1896 married Thelma

   Charles Dickenson b1804 married Mary Charlton in 1825

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