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Descendants of

Henry Kable


Henry Kable (Cable) was convicted of burglary at Thetford, Norfolk in 1783 for 450 shillings. He was sentenced to death, which was commuted to transportation for seven years. He was sentenced with his father who was hanged. Whilst gaoled in Norwich castle awaiting transportation, he met Susanna Holmes who bore his son, Henry,  in prison. They arrived in Sydney on the ship 'Friendship' 11 March 1787.  They were married in Sydney Cove on 10 February, 1788. Henry is buried at St Matthew's Church Windsor, NSW.
Henry Kable was born in 1762 in  Luxfield, Sussex, England. The son of Henry Kable and Diana Fuller. He died on 16 March 1846 in Windsor, NSW, Australia.

Susannah Holmes was born in 1764 Surlingham, Norfolk, England. The daughter of Joshua Holmes and Eunice Brooks. She was  buried on died in 1825 in Windsor, NSW.  Susannah was also tried at Thetford - on 19 March 1784 for burglary (53 shillings). Originally sentenced to death but this was commuted to transportation for 14 years.

Children of Henry and Susannah:

Henry 1786 Norfolk, Norwich, England -  1852 Australia.
Diana b1788 Sydney
Enoch 1791 - 1793
James b1793

Susannah 1794 - 1885
Eunice b1799
William Nathaniel 1801 - 1837

John 1802 -1859
Charles Dickenson 1804 - 1853 
Edgar James b1806 - 1949

Eunice 1799-1867
James 1793-1809
Susannah 1796-1885

George Esto 1797-1853
Amice b1799  

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