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Descendants of

Daniel Smallwood

1. Daniel Smallwood was born in 1761. He died in 1839 in Pitt Town .

David Smallwood was convicted at Warwick in 1787.  He arrived on the Matilda.

Daniel married (1) Ann Young in Jan 1792. Ann was born in 1767. She died in 1807.

Ann Young was convicted of theft,  at Northumberland in 1789.
She arrived on the Lady Juliana.


Daniel and Ann had the following children:

+ 2 F i Elizabeth Smallwood
+ 3 M ii James Smallwood
+ 4 F iii Esther Smallwood
  5 F iv Sarah A Smallwood died in 1917 in Ryde.

Daniel married (2) Elizabeth Kelso in 1808. Elizabeth was born in 1783.

Elizabeth Kelso was convicted in London.  She arrived on the Coromandel/Experiment.


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