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Aarons, Joseph
Abrahams, Esther

ADAMS, George Henry (known as Henry) was sentenced to 14 years at Norfolk Assizes in 1820, for stealing lambs. He arrived in Sydney in 1820 per 'Prince of Orange".  He married Elizabeth Clark in 1838 in Sutton Forest, NSW.
  Some connected Surnames: Beecher, Bend, Bradley, Bryans,  Carmody, Cheney, Cobden, Corkery, Duggan, Dwyer, Eastcott,  Hansell, Harvey, Hurle, James, Kemp, King, Laundess, Lyndsay,   Lydimore, Lyons, MacClure, MacKenzie, McGinnity, Nowland,  Nugent, O'Hagan, O'Keefe, Quinn, Savage, Sheney, Stanley,   Tofield, Wakeling, Warner, Wheeler, Whiteman.

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Alcock, Robert
Alcorn, Richard
Aldington, John and Anne Murphey. John arrived on 'Hashemy' in 1847. He married Anne in 1852 in Wollongong.
Aldis, James                                              
Alexander, John
Amanet, Mary    
Angel, Henry
Anstiss, John T   
Archer, Ann
Armytage, Charles
Arndell, Thomas                           

Bailey, William
Baldwin, Ann
Bateman, Mary     
Baxter, William -Royal Marines
Beckett, James       
Bucham, Susan
Bellamy, Sarah     
Bellamy, William  
Best, George   
Bloodworth, James
Brackenrig, James -NSW Corps     
Bradwell, Ann
Brooker, Mary
Broughton, William
Brown, Grace        
Brown, Kezia
Brown, Sarah      
Burleigh, Elizabeth
Butler, Mary
Butler, Mary      
Bryant, Jane Charlotte
Byrne, Andrew

Calcut, Ann 
Canvin, Daniel
Carey, Ann
Cassidy, Mary 
Clarke, Henry
Chalker, William (aka Charker) 
Chamberlain, Martha
Chapman, Elizabeth Flanagan
Chapman, William
Chipp, Thomas - Royal Marines 
Cobcroft, John Frederick
Colless, George
Collits, Mary
Collits, Pierce
Cornwell, Isaac
Crew, William    
Cross, John
Cross, Thomas  
Crossley, Thomas
Crouch, Elizabeth
Crowley, John
Cushion, Bridget

Davis, Ann       
Davidson, Mary Ann (Davison)
Denford, Samuel
Devine, Phillip
Dickenson, Mary
Douglass, William
Doyle, Ann     
Dring, William
Dunn, Thomas  
Dunstan, David

Eather, Thomas
Eaton, William
Eggleton, William
Ellem, Richard 
Ellison, John

Farrell, Mary
Faye, Ann
Feutrill, Theophilus
Flanagan, Robert 
Floyd, Jane 
Forrester, Robert 
Foulcher, Robert
Frost, Mary

Garth, Edward
Gilbert, Samuel
Golsby, Rebecca
John Good
Gosper, Thomas Roker Alexander
Goulding, Mary (Golding)  
Gott, Ellen
Gough, James
Gough, Susannah  
Groves, Mary
Guest, George

Hadley, Charles
Hambridge, George
Hannell, Elizabeth   
Hewson, John 
Holligan, Elizabeth
Holmes, Susannah  
Howard Esther
Howell, George
Hubbard, William
Huxley, Thomas  (Jones)

Irving, John                        

Jillett, Robert 
Johnson, Mary

Kable, Henry   

Lahy, Catherine
Lane, Ann
Langley, Jane
Lisson, Thomas
Lloyd, Jane Ison

Marsh, Ann
Mernagh, John  
Merrick, Edward

Morris, Elizabeth  
Milbourne, Mary
Mitchell, Elizabeth (Sarah)
Moore, Laurence
Morris, Elizabeth
Morrisby, James

Moulds, Susannah  
Mullender, Mary
Munday, George
Munsie, John

Nicholls, Isaac

Pardoe, Mary
Parry, Griffith William
Pawley, John
Perram, James              
Phillips, Mary
Pillinger, James
Priest, Edward
Pye, John

Ramsey, Isabella
Randall, John
Ridge, Richard Blythe
Roberts, William
Rogers, Elizabeth Ann

Saltmarsh, William
Schlesinger, Rachel
Sheckel, Elizabeth
Sherwood, John
Sherwood, Francis
Smallwood, Daniel
Stedman, Sarah  
Strickland, Philip

Tennant, John
Thornley, Ann
Timmins, James
Treadway, Henry Sussex
Tuzo, Joseph

Wall, William (aka Harding)
Walton, James
Watkins, Sarah  
Westlake, Edward
Whalan, Charles (Sgt)
White, John
Willett, Jane     
Wilson, Job
Winton, James   
Wood, Elizabeth
Woolaston, Thomas
Wright, Joseph

Yeomans, John James
Young, Ann


      From distant climes o’er wide spread seas we

     Though not with much eclat or beat of drum,
     True patriots all; for be it understood
     We left our country for our country’s good;
     And none will doubt but that our emigration
     Has proved most useful to the British nation.
                                                          ...............Henry Carter


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